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Feb 19, 2013 8:00am PST
organization running. thank you. as you all know, san francisco has hosted premier events, the charles schwab cup, the recent nfc championship games. these events put san francisco on a national stage. every employee, supervisor stepped up and made both events extremely successful. it was transparent to the attendees and the television viewers that there was a third team out there. that was the recreation and parks department. it is extremely proud of my team. add to this one of the most beautiful park systems in the world. i am extremely lucky. lastly, i want to thank my parents and my wife, vivian, and my two daughters, jennifer and some of the, for their love and support. thank you. [applause] >> steve castile. [applause] >> i started working for the public works department 15 years ago. we are like a family. it is a very close-knit group. i think, because of that, we
Feb 21, 2013 11:30am PST
received from the pga tour to back fill the revenue we lose when we close harding park for the schwab cup tournament, which is this coming november. $400,000 in additional revenue from the open space fund. and then as i mentioned the last time i was here, $200,000 in additional revenue from continued philanthropic support to the department. we have been very successful, our partnerships division has been very successful in the last several years in getting out there and finding gifts and grants to support our operations and that ranges from funding for additional hours at joe lee recreation center for funding to a gardener at the polo feels in golden gate park. we also have a comparatively small amount of expenditures saving that we're budgeting for the next two years. there was a retirement at the zoo. we are down to a very small number of recreation and park department staff who are left working at the zoo. so we were able to eliminate that position from the budget and save $150,000. as phil mentioned at the beginning of the meeting we have been doing some really good work on our worke
Feb 22, 2013 11:30pm PST
coming in the summer charles schwab cup in october and now, we are getting ready potentially to have more international sporting ebbs that really come to compliment what we do not just in san francisco but for the whole bay area and i want to suggest to you that we have an opportunity to do that through the one s f program that we created to sustain all of the theater we are doing to make sure we do it right with your help. and i'll say to you're to you and i think i have said this in some other circles, knowing when we were at the five-yard line, ethree minutes less, and three minutes left in the game, i like you, were in front of that television, and i was writing the speech already and i was writing the speech for the super bowl parade in san francisco. and i just want to let you know what i had written already and it said here "i hereby present the key to the city to the electrician at the superdome in new orleans: thank you very much. . >> all right thank you. now, i would like to invite managing ed tore gym gardner to have a question and answer question session with our two may
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)